TK409 Protocol Droid Parts Available Only from

Photos of Chromed Costume

Parts arrive in this condition (trimmed, primered, sanded)

Wearable Head (Fiberglass or Vacuformed) made and shipped by Jim Sleeth

The Wearable Head set ships with everything you see here, including LEDs for the eyes. You can either wire them yourself or get some pre-wired Rice Battery Lights on ebay. Jim offers both a vacuformed and fiberglass head kits. I've seen these in person and they're the most screen accurate kits available. If you have questions about these, email Jim here.

Torso $600 shipped


The Torso set ships with:
- 1 torso chest plate
- 1 torso backplate
- 2 shoulder rings
- 2 shoulder bells
- 2 accurate side screws
- 2 chest pistons

I found out that during the prequels, Anthony Daniels had his costume chest enlarged to be more comfortable. The modification is so slight it's barely noticeable. I've accomplished the same modification on my torso and gained 2" in girth. Please specify whether you'd prefer the original 36" chest or new larger 38" chest. The price is the same on both.

Because of demand, parts can take between 10-12 months to arrive at your address, anywhere in the world. Click below to see photos of The Protocol Project. Photos show a yellow primered torso, but pieces ship as gray primered fiberglass.

Arms/hands set $700 shipped

Larger, adult-sized arms

Smaller, screen-sized arms (shown with optional, display hands)

Small Arm Measurements as follows:
- Wrist: approx 9"
- Forearm at top: approx 10.5"
- Bicep at bottom: approx 10.5"
- Bicep at armpit: approx 11.5"
- Actual shoulder opening: approx 11"

Larger, adult-sized arms
Smaller, screen-sized arms

Both Arms sets ship with:
- 2 biceps
- 2 forearms
- 4 functioning pistons
- 2 handplates (no hand pistons included)
- 10 fingers
- 6 piston greeblies

The piston connections for the arms are fully functional.

Note: Black gloves not included. For reference, our model wearing the primer parts is 5'4" 130lbs. In the photos showing the chromed model, I'm wearing the suit and am 5'10", 150lbs. 3D Printed Greeblies from GTProps at

Shorts made and shipped by Cal Pierce

Around $100, these Moncal shorts are made of thick ABS like Stormtrooper armor and they fit great into the legs. They only get thin at crotch, which is the least visible parts of the shorts. I trimmed that part away and they work great. I highly recommend these. Contact Cal at


Leg set $850 shipped

The Leg set ships with:
- 2 thighs
- 2 shins
- 2 large thigh screws
- 2 knee pistons

These required so much reconstruction that we literally had to cut these into pieces, realign them, hand sculpt the teeth, create the fin guides, and the majority of the ridge details. We also rebuilt the wedge section and made these more proportionate to the thighs since the shins were strangely squished to a smaller girth.
2 Large thigh screws are included (the ones that fit into the "U" at the top of the thighs as well as the 2 knee pistons.) GT props offers several accurate. 3D-printed details parts at

Display Feet $400 shipped

The Display Feet set ships with:
- 2 screen-style fiberglass feet complete with ankles and soles (Display only, not wearable)

Wearable Feet, $35 made and shipped by Jim Sleeth

The Wearable Feet set ships with:
- 2 screen-style, wearable vacuformed foot shells that fit over your shoes. These are made by Jim "Starbuckcylon" and are the same type worn onscreen in "A New Hope". If you have questions about these, email Jim here.

3D Printed Greeblies from GTProps at

Every minute detail is faithfully recreated in these greeblies, then 3D printed in whatever material you choose, at a reasonable price.
shows entire project process with all the photos and regular updates. I always wanted my own protocol droid, but never found a replica that was either wearable, accurate or good quality. So I set out to put all three qualities into my own protocol project. These fiberglass kits are faithfully replicated and restored to the accuracy of the functional, screen-used costume. These are not the warped or vacuformed pieces you seen on ebay. I spent months researching the screen-used costume, interviewing those with first hand experience with the screen-used costume parts, including the way it functions, in order to produce this kit and make it available for other droid builders like myself. My protocol droid pieces fit together easily so there is very little to do to get the costume ready to wear. There is no trimming or cleaning up to do. I can not guarantee this will fit you (it will fit a very specific body type) you may need to alter it slightly to fit your specific shape. I'm wearing it in the photos above and I'm 5'10", 155lbs, 39" chest, 31" waist. I can guarantee you'll be happy with it as a display. It works both as a wearable costume and a lifesized, completely poseable, display piece.

For movie photo reference, visit my droid reference server.

Here's how to Proceed:
Check my Ebay feedback for reference. Email me with any questions at .

Be sure to register at to see all our research and find answers for building your own Protocol Droid.

- Chris

Chris Bartlett [TK-409]
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