Stormtrooper Neckseal
(small & large ribs)

UPDATE: 3/14/04
Right on schedule! The move is complete and Mrs. TK409 is back in the saddle. Please visit the Stormtrooper page for her comfy Stormtrooper Neckseals.

Boba & Jango Fett Neckseal

Boba and Jango Neckseals are now available. Check them out at the Fett page.

Boba Fett ESB Cape

Get a repilca of the Empire Strikes Back (ESB) version of the cape worn by Boba Fett. See the Fett page.


Boba Fett Vest

This is a hard part to find. We also make the vest worn under the Boba Fett armor. See the Fett page.


Sandtrooper Ammo Pouches

Black Leather Ammo Pouches for Sandtroopers will be back in April! See the Stormtrooper page.